Ecce Navigoʼs experienced and settled crew works as a team in a professional and vigilant manner.

There are six crew member on Ecce Navigo; Captain, Chef, Stewardess, Housekeeper, and two deckhands on board. Their discretion and integrity guarantee a warm hospitality and ensure your privacy.

Yacht Manager Bilal Davutoglu

Yacht Manager and Advisor

Captain Bilal is in charge of the overall management of Ecce Navigo throughout the year; he also takes care of guest relations before and after charters and advises on various itineraries.

He is Operator Manager of “Ecce Navigo” after his active Captainship career on the sea until 2015, Captain Bilal is in charge of the yacht management of “ Ecce Navigo,” and also managing New Yacht building, Yacht Management and Yacht Maintenance projects in various shipyards of Turkey.


Captain Ulaş Avin


Captain Ulaş was Born in Izmir; he graduated from Marine High School. He started his marine life in Bodrum early age on sailing Yachts as a Captain. He is very experienced in the ‘’Blue Cruise’’ and life of the sea. During his Captain career last 23 years he was on some other High-Class Yachts and previous six years on a 40m Luxury Gulet for Charter in the Aegean Sea, Mediterranean and Croatia.

He is very experienced in the Aegean and Mediterranean sea.He knows the ‘’ Ecce Navigo ‘’ life style and quality to make the Guests happy.

He speaks English, he knows the Turkish coast, Greek islands, best bays, and the whole region very well. He likes maritime life and sailing very much.

Chef Mehmet Yavuz


Our lovely chef Mehmet has been with Ecce Navigo since 2005. He specializes in the wonderfully aromatic cuisine of the Mediterranean. His cooking is distinguished by its use of fresh local ingredients – including fish and seafood, lamb, eggplant, yogurt, sheep’s cheese, cucumber, tomatoes – and, of course, a liberal application of olive oil, garlic, and lemon.

Mehmet’s 5-star menus are mouthwatering and colorful – as appealing to the eye as they are on the palate. The aromas emanating from his kitchen draw guests to the dinner table like a magnet. His dishes manage both to inspire dinner conversation and command a silent, indulgent appreciation of food beautifully and lovingly prepared. After the main course, guests can treat themselves to Mehmet’s legendary boat-made Panna Cotta, chocolate fondant, tiramisu, and baklava.

Stewardess Muko Esen


Stewardess Muko was born in Marmaris. Besides providing excellent service on board Ecce Navigo, Muko speaks English fluently and Greek and will communicate well. She has been serving on Ecce Navigo since 2019 and has a brilliantly intuitive sense of her guests’ needs and wishes. Prior the joining the crew on board Ecce Navigo, Muko had worked five years some other Luxury Motor and Sailing Yachts as a stewardess. She knows Ecce Navigo service style and makes guests comfortable and happy.

Meet the Owner

Kaspar Fleischmann, Swiss entrepreneur and father of four, has been taking family holidays on Turkish Gulets for more than 40 years. After years of chartering gulets, he decided to build his own, working with an experienced Turkish naval architect and shipyard to bring his vision to life.

The outcome is Ecce Navigo; the perfect blend of ultimate luxury and cosy comfort. Over the years Kaspar has put together a truly wonderful crew who helps make every stay on board an absolute pleasure.

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